#3801 No Units to Move Error 0.35.40

stable 0.38

Came to a point in the game where MegaMek said I had no units to move. I issued the skip command and finished the game with no other issues, but reporting the bug as instructed. I have attached megameklog.txt and gamelog.txt.

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    And the other log.

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  • Log doesn't contain anything obvious, and it's not game-breaking, so marking as post-stable.


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    I just had the same error. I am attaching my log files in case there is any information that can help fix the bug.


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    Hi, this is my first time posting here. It is the "Player has no units to move" error.

    this was the error message:
    ***Server: Player 'A' has no units to move. You should skip his/her/your current turn with the /skip command. You may want to report this error. See the MegaMek homepage (http://megamek.sf.net/) for details.

    MegaMek version: 0.35.44-MW20131008-9915, infantry move on an independent init.

    Player A (3 meks, 1 vee transport, 1 foot infy) against Player B (4 meks, 4 infy)

    Player A loaded infantry in transport on deployment and the error occurred about midway through the unit moves, about when his infy was due to move.

    The problem was recognized, the game restarted, and the infantry was deployed outside of the transport.

    During Round 2 move phase, the transport loaded the infantry near the beginning of the movement phase, then the error happened again about midway through the movement phase.

  • There have been a few fixes for "no units to move" errors since this was reported. I also haven't been able to reproduce the reported issues in this ticket (there's also insufficient information, as initiative rules are very important for recreating these issues). I'm going to close this ticket and any new "no unit to move" errors should get their own new ticket.

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