#3797 Map jumps to different location when a hex or unit is selected - Latest SVN 0.39.40

stable 0.36

Occasionally when I click on a unit or hex on the game board, the view will jump to a different location. This can happen multiple times in a row.

It doesn't matter what phase the turn is in. It happens regardless. It seems to happen more as the game progresses beyond turn 1 or 2 or so.


  • What's your java version and OS? I have never experienced this when developing (which I do in Linux, Java 1.6 and 1.7), but I experience this in Windows (Java 1.6).


  • Anonymous

    I can confirm, it happened to me too (Win 7 Pro 64, Java 7 (build 1.70_25b17) (32 bit).

    But it is not persistent (hard to reproduce) sometimes I can go to 20+ rounds without it happened, sometimes happened from 1st round to last round.

    Hope this help :).

  • A forum post mentioned that this could be related to previously using the minimap to move to a different part of the map.

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    • Milestone: undetermined --> stable 0.36
  • This might also be related to what I just fixed in [r9727]. When this happened, did the mousecursor change to the hand cursor signifying a drag-scroll?



    Commit: [r9727]

  • This happens to me a lot too - I'll see if I can help you guys narrow it down. I use the minimap regularly, since I usually play on large 48x51 hex maps or something similar.

    • assigned_to: Sebastian Brocks
  • After some discussion with arlith, I'm marking this as fixed due to my changes.

    • Resolution: accepted --> fixed

  • Anonymous

    I just play tested this bug with the latest SVN code, and the map jumping is mitigated. However, after I click on the minimap to jump to a different part of the board, the map jump bug reoccurs.

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