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#14 Secret codes for Scenarios/ Scenario Grouping


For the scenario bundling:
Scenarios can be bundled. You select such a scenario bundle like a normal scenario, but when you do so, a new selection shows up showing the parts of this scenario group. ( Technically this can be made with either naming conventions or a new subdirectory structure. )

For the secret codes:
If you want to make chained scenarios, which are meant to be played one after another secret codes for each part would be great in my opinion.
On the and of every scenario a secret code is shown. To enter the next scenario part, you have to enter the right code, before it starts.

Technically this means we need crypted passwords for scenarios. In the glest binary we will have one secret code, which is used to decode/encode these keys. The crypted passwod can be set in the scenario xml. This will be used to verify access to the scenario and will be shown decrypted when you win a scenario. We need a new tool for scenario creators which will encode the secret words.

more discussion here: