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Code Log

Commit Date  
[r7] by stlxv

update 使用说明:
1. add more details for installation instructions
2. add some tips for using it

2011-09-02 01:29:10 Tree
[r6] by stlxv

FIX: ac-slime.el: sometimes it may crash when auto completion.

2011-08-31 13:22:34 Tree
[r5] by stlxv

Add suffix ".Emacs" on the filenames of some emacs documents .

2011-08-31 06:22:09 Tree
[r4] by stlxv

FIX: 似乎这回在提示参数的时候,不会再被中途出现的parse信息给打断。(有待更多测试)

2011-08-30 04:36:44 Tree
[r3] by stlxv

remove some files
update svn:ignore

2011-08-30 04:08:39 Tree
[r2] by stlxv

Initial import.

2011-08-30 03:42:59 Tree
[r1] by stlxv

create directories: trunk, tags, branches.

2011-08-30 02:58:39 Tree