#6 loading main stops at 0%

tin htun aung

I followed the steps instructed in HowToInstall guideline.

I installed meetingpoint server, jre, moodle, meetingpoint moodle module. I used windows installer full package for moodle.
I run the server, moodle, created the resource for meetingpoint.
The problem is when I start meetingpoint, it popups and stops at 0% for loading main.

Can somebody points me out any mistakes or configuration?


Ko Aung


  • My co-worker is seeing this problem also. My PC connects fine, however, my co-worker's does not. She just reinstalled XP on her system, so I'm wondering if there is something she is missing. She has the latest Adobe Flash installed and latest Java (not sure if it requires Java on the client side or not).

    Are there any other requirements on the client side besides Flash?

  • MichaeL

    I think I found the difference between my system and my co-workers. The version of Adobe Flash. I have version 9, she has 10. She couldn't connect with 10, but as soon as we downgraded her flash to version 9, it loaded fine.

    Hope this helps.

  • MichaeL

    One other note, version of flash doesn't work either. At least not for us. Had to install

    Don't know what is different between these versions, but this software sure doesn't like it.

    Here is a link to the version 9 archive if anyone else wants to test this. Just remember to uninstall version 10 first then install version (located in the 9r124 folder).


  • tin htun aung
    tin htun aung

    Hi jarrodholder,

    Thanks for keep updating your findings and research you've done.
    Yes, i was using Flash Version 10. I downgraded to and it works fine.


    Ko Aung

  • MichaeL

    Glad to know it worked for you as well.

    I guess that leaves the question, how to make it work with Flash 10? I'm guessing it's just the moodle module that would need to be updated/fixed.

  • Primal21

    This is presenting quite a problem for me at present as this is the chosen application for a client. When I looked at this before Christmas all was working well and I could get the flash meeting to fire and work on my 32 bit XP OS. I have since run up my 64 bit Vista OS machine with the same problem. With the Flash 10 problem it won't fire at all and hangs at the image and won't load the application at all.

    I have sat trying to figure this out based on the sparse support that is available here and tried flash player 9 version 151, 124, and now 47 to no avail at all. Each time I use the uninstaller and reload the different versions and the same problem is there each time. I have also loaded flash 9 active x for browsers IE 7 and Firefox 3.

    The current version of MeetingPoint in use on my server is v1.0.10 RC1 which I would assume is close to becoming a finished and working application. Is the Flash 10 problem just a spanner in the works and is a matter of time before the application is fine tuned to work with Flash 10 or am I missing a vital part of the jigsaw.

    Someones help would be very much appreciated as my googling on this problem is fast running out of steam. It seems that this is not the only application that is affected as Wordpress has been plagued with the same problem.