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A Reminder.

Newer, unstable(WIP) versions of Mednafen can be found on the forum at

The newest version supports Sega Genesis, Nintendo Virtual Boy, and Super NES, to varying degrees, in addition to the systems supported by 0.8.x.

Keep in mind that the unstable/WIP versions will often break savestate support among different versions, and there will likely be various regressions with new unstable versions.

Posted by mednafen 2010-12-15

Mednafen 0.8.D Released

This will be the final release in the 0.8.x branch, unless 0.8.D introduces any major bug(s) that do not have workaround(s).

Changes since the last stable release, 0.8.C:

SMS: Some state that wasn't being saved in save states now is, which should fix netplay desynch problems with SMS/GG games.

Fixed a couple of remotely-exploitable(if connected to a malicious server) stack manipulation bugs in the network play code.... read more

Posted by mednafen 2010-05-30

Mednafen-Server 0.4.1 Released

Version 0.4.1 of Mednafen's netplay server has been uploaded and is available at

This release is a major/apocalyptic/cthulhutastic bug-fix release, fixing stability and portability bugs that have been in mednafen-server for a long long time(and hopefully without introducing any new ones!).... read more

Posted by mednafen 2010-05-29

Mednafen 0.8.D Release Candidate 1

Mednafen 0.8.D-rc1 is available for testing on the forum at

Posted by mednafen 2009-12-30

Mednafen 0.8.C Released

A summary of changes:

Various sound output bugs have been fixed, primarily affecting non-Windows platforms.

Various endianness related bugs were fixed, including a severe GBA save state bug on big-endian platforms.

Having more than 2 of the same "type" of joystick/gamepad should no longer cause problems with hash collisions internally.

A few PCE CD and PC-FX CDROM emulation bugs were fixed, concerning the position of the lead-out track, and the length of the last track when loading multi-track CUE/BIN rips.... read more

Posted by mednafen 2009-07-01

Mednafen 0.8.C Release Candidate 1

This is a source-code only release leading up to the 0.8.C release.

See for details.

Posted by mednafen 2009-05-20

Mednafen 0.8.B Released

Fixed the rectangle calculation for screen rotation with Lynx and WonderSwan to use X scale and Y scale
values appropriately(they were reversed before; also, assuming square pixels on your monitor ;)).
Rotation still poses a problem in fullscreen with the default settings, however.

Fixed an off-by-one error in the software SDL graphics rotation code(used for Lynx and WonderSwan).

Fixed a race condition that could cause rapid oscillation between fullscreen and windowed when trying to
toggle it.
...and fixed a race condition that could cause oscillations when rotating the screen with Lynx and WonderSwan
emulation.... read more

Posted by mednafen 2009-02-22

Mednafen 0.8.A Released

NES: Cleaned up the iNES loading code a bit, and added support for WRAM on a few mappers that nominally shouldn't
have WRAM, enabled if the battery-backed bit is set in the iNES header. Fixes "Family BASIC", and probably
a few bootleg games as well.

NES: Added partially-broken support for mapper 163.

NES: Added support for mapper 241.

Fixed string constant-to-(char *) problems in drivers/cheat.cpp... read more

Posted by mednafen 2008-10-28

Mednafen 0.8.9 Released

Updated the included gettext library to 0.17 to fix a MinGW build issue.

GB: Corrected a lack of address masking in most of the cart RAM emulation code. Fixes a few Chinese GameBoy
Color games.

NES: (Re?)-added support for mapper 240(it was erroneously listed in the documentation as being supported...).

GBA: Fixed a buffer overflow in the ROM image loading code.

PC-FX: Several variables related to subchannel reading weren't being saved in save states. Fixed. (This fixes
save states made within the BIOS' CD-DA player)... read more

Posted by mednafen 2008-06-09

Mednafen 0.8.8 Released

Added <string.h> to the global include list in mednafen.h.

Added boolean setting "debugger.autostepmode" that, when set to 1, will cause Mednafen to automatically start
the debugger in step mode after a game is loaded(only if Mednafen has a debugger for the emulated system, of course).

NES: Fixed CNROM emulation initialization bug.

PCE: ADPCM software reset was erroneously also resetting the playback frequency. Fixed. (Fixes ADPCM voices in Gulliver Boy)... read more

Posted by mednafen 2008-04-03

Mednafen 0.8.7 Released

GBA: DMA registers were being saved as 32-bit arrays instead of 16-bit arrays in save states, potentially causing memory
corruption, and broken save states on big endian platforms. Fixed.

NES: Removed the AltiVec resampling code, as it causes problems on the PS3, and possibly other PPC chips, and I don't have
a PowerPC machine to test it on. The NES sound filtering code will be rewritten in 0.9.0, anyway.... read more

Posted by bugboom 2008-01-06

Mednafen 0.8.6 Released

This release fixes a single bug that was in 0.8.5: broken PC Engine multiplayer support.

Posted by bugboom 2007-12-22

Mednafen 0.8.5 Released

This release fixes annoying graphical glitches in the PC-FX game Der Langrisser FX, adds a few new features to the debugger's log viewer, adds a setting to disable compression with save states, and fixes a crash bug on UN*X when using the soft IPS patching along with an uncompressed file.

Posted by bugboom 2007-11-20

Mednafen 0.8.4 Released

Major changes since 0.8.4-rc3 include PC-FX SCSI emulation bug fixes, fixing major problems with "Battle Heat", "Tengai Makyu", "Der Langrisser FX", "Yuna FX", and "Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar".

Posted by bugboom 2007-11-11

Mednafen 0.8.4-rc3

This is the last release-candidate planned before 0.8.4 itself is released.

Known bug: I forgot to disable a few debug messages with PCE/TG16 emulation, so if you play such games with rc3 on a console, you may want to redirect output to /dev/null -_-

Posted by bugboom 2007-10-21

Mednafen 0.8.1 Released

Changes since 0.7.2 include much much better PC-FX emulation(it's still very CPU intensive, though!), revamped PCE CD emulation, reduced memory usage, greatly reduced memory usage with save-state rewinding under most conditions, a new user-selectable compressor(QuickLZ) for state rewinding, partial support for cdrdao TOC files for PC-FX and PCE CD emulation(which allows for CD+G emulation with certain caveats, see the ChangeLog...), and more.

Posted by bugboom 2007-04-15

Mednafen 0.7.x Errata

The correct key combination for configuring devices on virtual input ports is "ALT + SHIFT + 1", "ALT + SHIFT + 2", etc. NOT NOT NOT "ALT + 1", etc. as the documentation states. *hangs head in shame*

Incidentally, the F1 help screen was correct...

Posted by bugboom 2007-02-17

Mednafen 0.7.2 Released

A few notable additions include WonderSwan emulation, a memory editor(accessible from the debugger), settings to enable configurable motion blur.

Posted by bugboom 2007-02-08