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Mednafen 0.8.A Released

NES: Cleaned up the iNES loading code a bit, and added support for WRAM on a few mappers that nominally shouldn't
have WRAM, enabled if the battery-backed bit is set in the iNES header. Fixes "Family BASIC", and probably
a few bootleg games as well.

NES: Added partially-broken support for mapper 163.

NES: Added support for mapper 241.

Fixed string constant-to-(char *) problems in drivers/cheat.cpp

Added setting "osd.state_display_time", to control the length of time, in milliseconds, the save state/movie
screen is displayed after selecting a save state or movie.

The most recently-saved save state slot will now be colored differently when selecting a save state slot.
Increased the brightness of non-empty save state slots.
Empty save state slots are now black instead of being partially transparent.

PC-FX: Fixed bugs in "Play Audio Track Index" and "Read Subchannel" MMC commands, fixing the totally broken
cinematic sequences in "Boundary Gate". There may still be bugs in these commands that don't cause any known
problems with games, so I will need to run tests on a real system.

GBA: An error loading the custom colormap file is now treated as fatal.

Win32: The German and Russian translation files are now included in the Win32 precompiled binary distribution
ZIP file. Note that Mednafen always assumes the locale to be UTF-8, so the stdio.txt file will need to be
opened with a viewer that can handle UTF-8(though filenames with non-7-bit-ASCII components will appear fubar).
(I am aware that assuming the locale's character encoding to always be UTF-8 is a design flaw with
various insidious consequences when the encoding is not UTF-8).

Updated the Russian translation with the translation done by rubicon.

Added configure script option "--enable-altivec/--disable-altivec (default: enabled)" for compiling on
PowerPC architectures where AltiVec is not supported, or causes problems. This configure script option is
untested, however.

Input for the virtual device on virtual port N will be disabled when the buttons on the virtual device on virtual
port N are being configured. The last button pressed when in button configuration may still be taken as
virtual device input, however(a fix for this would be too invasive, and so will be done in the 0.9.x unstable

PCE: Added several missing input-related state variables to save states, fixing several netplay/movie
desynchronization issues under certain situations.

Fixed a bug when creating an SDL source surface, whose negative effects(clipping rightmost columns) could be
triggered when the "sdl" vdriver setting was used with certain xscale and yscale settings that would
cause a 1:1 pixel copy operation.

PC-FX: Improved PSG LFO emulation again(Tyoushin Heiki Zeroigar uses it for some sound effects, other
games likely use it as well in similar roles).

PCE: Improved PSG LFO emulation again(Hanii in the Sky, Juuouki, and Flash Hiders use LFO).

PCE: Altered the Street Fighter 2 autodetection code to be data-agnostic. The SF2 mapper will now be enabled for
any ROM images 2MiB and over in size.

Fixed a call to putenv(), to pass a static character array initialized to a string constant instead of a string
constant directly.

Fixed a few argument descriptions(invoked with the -help command-line switch) that weren't properly gettextized.

Debugger: Fixed a bug in the trace log code. It would cause the emulator to lock up if the user pressed
Enter/Return in the prompt popup without any text in the input field.

SMS: Removed the old unused Z80 emulator code from when SMS Plus was assimilated.

Posted by mednafen 2008-10-28