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New German Words

Tobias Toedter provided us with a better listing of German words which has been released with listing-0.1.3. Thanks Tobias!

That is all that has changed with this new release.

Posted by Elizabeth Barham 2004-11-08

definitions-0.1 completed

The first release of the XML files that make up the definitions (roots, suffixes, prefxes and abbreviations) is available!

Posted by Elizabeth Barham 2003-08-05

correction of lom* files completed!!!

I am pleased to announce that the correction of the first set of english words has been corrected!!!!!!

Posted by Elizabeth Barham 2003-07-08

up to beginning of w's

corrected the v's and now we're at the beginning of w's!!!!!!! only four more letters to go!!!!!!!!

Posted by Elizabeth Barham 2003-07-06

up to beginning of v's!

I just completed correction of the words beginning with u's and now I'm at the beginning of the v's.

Posted by Elizabeth Barham 2003-07-03

up to p's

The lom6* files have been corrected up to and including the words beginning with o's. I am at the beginning of o's.

Posted by Elizabeth Barham 2003-06-01

updated the home page

it now includes a FAQ section!!!

Posted by Elizabeth Barham 2003-04-04

coming alonng nicely

This whole project is slowly coming along nicely and I am considering adding words from another book I'm working on, The Anatomy Coloring Book (ISBN: 0-06-455016-8)

Posted by Elizabeth Barham 2003-03-27

German Words

Medical Words is pleased to annouce that Karsten is joining the project. He is lending his Medical Words in German. Welcome aboard Karsten!

Posted by Elizabeth Barham 2002-05-20

SourceForge Registration Success!

The MedicalWords team is pleased to announce our own SourceForge site!

Posted by Elizabeth Barham 2002-05-18