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Christoph Päper

It would be nice to see MPEG along with ID3 being supported. Maybe by using Lame and/or ID3lib.



  • Ingo Ralf Blum
    Ingo Ralf Blum

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    Depends on what "supported" means. A DirectShow filter for
    lame is already in the LAME CVS, so I assume it is lying
    around somewhere for download.

    Besides that I consider Ogg Vorbis by far superiour over
    MP3 and so it is very likely, that there won't be any
    support for MP3.

    Again the question comes to my mind: what exactly do you
    mean with "supported". A few more words about your ideas
    would be nice.



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    I didn't know there's a working Direct Show filter already, apologize.

    I like solutions that incorporate as much as reasonable possible. And as most information about different audio formats is quite similar (bitrate, artist...) it makes sense to me to include a yet widely spread format -though it be inferior- like MP3/ID3 into a project like this. It's just like the project's description says: 'for providing better support for various popular media formats.'
    Support for movie files could be questioned for either - not by me though.

  • Ingo Ralf Blum
    Ingo Ralf Blum

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    You are absolutely right. The problem with MPEG audio is
    licensing, which would prevent me to use encoder libraries
    like LAME unless I pay for them (licensing fees to the
    patent holders). For the decoding part I'm not sure, but
    Windows decodes MP3 out of the box already. This is the
    reason, why the LAME project does not have any binaries for
    download available. The same thing is for AAC, too. There's
    already someone writing a DirectShow filter, but the
    problem is whether he can release a binary or not. And the
    patent holders (Fraunhofer Gesellschaft for MP3 and Dolby
    for AAC) are not very generous in this regard. Usually you
    hear from their lawyers fast than you can think.

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    The LAME project releases files, but -like others too- not on their SourceForge project page. Check their web page, though the last non-beta there is quite old, there should be a new 'stable' one soon. AFAIK there are no licensing fees for using LAME, ID3lib and MPG123.

    You're right, Windows can decode MP3, but it's lacking the addiditional rows in Explorer's detail view like the ones this project provides. A work-around at least for tool tips and property pages is mp3ext by Michael Mutschler[1], but it seems not to be worked on any more. But still I cannot sort audio files by bitrate in Explorer what again requires me to use an additional program.

    Btw. I finally found the DirectShow filter from Elecard. ;-)

    [1] http://www.mutschler.de/mp3ext/

  • Ingo Ralf Blum
    Ingo Ralf Blum

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    May I cite from the LAME homepage:

    LAME is not for everyone - it is distributed as source code
    only and requires the ability to use a C compiler.
    However, many popular ripping and encoding programs include
    the LAME encoding engine

    Personal and commercial use of compiled versions of LAME
    (or any other mp3 encoder) requires a patent license in
    some countries.

    I did not meant licensing fees to LAME. There are of course
    none. I meant to the patent holders. But when you read the
    LAME site thoroughly there is no binary release available
    because of exactly this patent problem.

    However this only applies to encoding, as I wrote earlier.
    It shouldn't be that hard to add some small shell
    extensions for MPEG stream and ID3. I've already installed
    the i3lib CVS in my source tree two weeks ago, but haven't
    started implementing it. You see, I already have this on my
    todo list, but not with the highest priority. So shell
    extensions for MP3 and also FLAC will probably appear in
    0.0.8 (in two to three weeks from now on).

    May I contact you shortly before the 0.0.8 release. I need
    some testers, who report some bugs before I make a release.

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    Okay, so there's a dicrepance between the lawful statements made by the project's members and reality. I thought, these statements were out of date since current beta versions, which are not mentioned in detail on the homepage, don't include patented stuff any more. Obviously I misunderstood things.
    You can contact me of course (auch auf deutsch), although my spare time will be quite rare the next few weeks.