Receive mpeg2 stream

  • Hi,

    is it possible to define a item in Mediatomb to redirect a http mpeg2 stream from a mpeg2 streaming devices (in my case VDR with streamdev plugin) to the receiver ?

    I tried to add a Item with the following settings:

    protocol: http-get <-- should there a streaming protocol ?

    mimetype: video/mpeg2 (tested video/mp2p withou success)

    As receiver I use the TG-100 ( I hadn't much time to test but atm it looks like mediatomb is the best choice as linux upnp server.


    • Jin

      you are adding an external URL item, right?

      try "video/mpeg" for the mimetype

      regarding the protocol: how are you offering the file? if you are not using rtsp then http-get should be fine (simply try to download your stream in a web browser, does that work?)

      basically, what you are trying to do should be possible :)


    • OK .. this could do - it even says it starting replay and I can see on the sender the stream ist starting, but the problem is the format. These Streams can be played by mplayer withoz much prooblems, but wmp for example is not able to play it (it starts loading and never starts to play)

      I will try to put a remux in between and see what happens.

      I let you know the results.

    • I have been trying the same, but didn't make it work. Could you report how far you got with this?

      I think the problem might be two-fold:

      1) To convince Mediatomb to serve the right information *about* the stream to the UPnP renderer.

      2) The UPnP renderer still needs to be able to play the stream. So your milage may vary depending on the UPnP renderer you're using.

      IIUC meditomb does not do any kind of transcoding for you, i.e. convert OGG Vorbis to MP3 or the like. Though it would be nice if it had a plugin architecture for something like that in the future.

      Regading the streaming plugin of VDR:

      Does it serve http? I thought http would never be a suitable format for an ongoing stream? Correct me if I am wrong.

    • Well I got it working.

      I created a HTML Items as told:

      Title: Test
      URL: http://vdrhost:3000/extern/5
      Protocol: http-get
      UPnP Class: object.item
      Description: Teststream ( RTL )
      Mime Type: video/mpeg

      The "extern" in the URL forces VDR to use an external remuxer for the mpeg2 stream and Yes afaik is streaming over http a suitable format - mplayer, vlc and other mediaplayer support this.

      At the moment and for the first tests I use mencoder to do the external live remuxing.
      /usr/local/bin/mencoder -oac copy -ovc copy -of mpeg -ofps 25 -mc 0 -quiet

      This isn't optimized or anything - it just shows that it is possible.