Mediatomb - search in DB via Client

  • i use Plugplayer ass Iphone app the controll my UPNP devices.
    Server is Mediatomb.
    I wil like to have the possibility to search via this app in mediatomb, but it seems that mediatomb does not support this.
    I know it is possible because if i use the upnp server integrated in my Fritzbox it work and PlugPLayer shows a line to enter a search string.
    So i guess that plugplayer realizes if the "search function" is supported by the server or not.

    So is there a config function which i need to activate to make a search possible?

  • Hey Devs,

    any comment on this?

    Please do us a favor and implement "search support" into MT.

  • BTW, is mediatomb still under development or is it dead?

    If development stopped, can someone give me a good hint for an alternative upnp server on linux, except twonky?

  • BT

    I'm not sure if MediaTomb is a dead project but it's unlikely that search will be implemented anytime soon. There hasn't been any SVN commits for six months and the last release was one year ago.

    You might want to try MiniDLNA. It doesn't have all the features of MediaTomb such as transcoding, but it works fine with my PS3 and Samsung TV.