Total crash with some devices

  • Hi!

    I installed Mediatomb on XUbuntu and it works very well with most devices I connect to it.
    What is the situation:

    A freind of mine has a audio shop (HiFi). So, now you see the better streamers are comming into the market.
    He has at the moment maybe 6 or 7 streamers in his shop. 5 of them are working perfectly with MediaTomb, but when I try to connect a the two other devices with Mediatomb, it doesnt work.

    Mediatomb crashes completeley and it uses almost all the CPU power of the computer!  You almost cannnot stop the computer/server.

    The device is a streamer from the brand NAD and from the brand AudioBlock.
    When I look to those streaming devices, most have the same menu structure, maybe the same firmware???

    Can anybody help me. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!