inotify doesn't always work

  • MediaTomb isn't picking up files I upload to a monitored directory. But it seems to only fail if I'm uploading the videos via SSH(winscp) directly into my monitored directory. If I upload the files to a different directory and then use mv to place them in the monitored directory everything works. Also if I just "touch" all the uploaded files then MediaTomb will pick them up.

    I'm uploading divx avi files over 802.11G so each file can take 10+ minutes to finish uploading. Not sure if the delay between the file getting created and when writing finishes has anything to do with it...

    I've tried adding the inotify monitored directory via the UI and through the config file. Here is the relevant snippet of my config file.

    <autoscan use-inotify="yes">
      <directory location="/data/videos" mode="inotify" level="full" recursive="yes" hidden-files="no"/

    Right now I have to manually run a command after uploading the files which defeats the whole purpose of having a monitored directory. Doesn't bother me so much but it keeps my setup from being girlfriend friendly.

  • Jin

    Are you saying that the same files can be added after you copy them via ssh, without messing around with permissions or doing anything to them?

    I.e., you copy them, autoscan does not kick in, you add them manually via web UI and they get added?

    Quite strange…

  • Yeah, this has been a problem for like..  forever..  wish they'd fix this annoying bug!