Streaming DVD/Iso files to DLNA device (LG Smart TV)

  • Hi there

    I’m a total mediatomb/streaming noob so I really need some help. I have just got a new LG Smart TV and I want my home server (Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS) to stream my movies to the tv. I have mediatomb set up and the TV can connect and play mkv files (without subtitles though, but I will start another discussion about that). What I need now is to have mediatomb stream my iso files since the tv can’t handle them alone. I have tried the setups given in (not the bash file version) but they do not work. I have also found this guide: but I don’t know if it works better with MEncoder instead of VLC.

    Can anyone help me set up this stuff? After reading a bit on I think it might be a codec problem because the TV says something like “wrong file format”.

    Here is my config.xml:

  • 40 views and not a single reply within a whole week? I guess I'll just declare this project dead and abandon it for something else like Plex or PS3 Media Server - perhaps they have an active community that will try to help newbies to get it working...