MediaTomb UI is disabled. changed config but?

  • Bear

    MediaTomb UI is disabled. Check your configuration.

    That is the message I am getting. I'm new to the linux/unix type world and am slowly working on it. I'm trying to run to my ps3 and have changed the config file to open the UI but no luck. Running Ubuntu 10.10 any other info needed just ask.

  • mianbao

    Hey Baronthered, this is kind of a lame Windows-ish type of answer, but it doesn't sound like you've done much with your MediaTomb config yet.  If this is the case, it might be easiest to just uninstall it from the Ubuntu software manager and reinstall it.  That might be easier than digging through XML to try to catch what is going wrong.

    I'm kinda a newbie as well, though, so perhaps someone else will chime in with a better idea.  However, I'm streaming to my ps3 from Ubuntu (10.04) and it worked pretty much out of the box.


  • Brent Lucio
    Brent Lucio

    There are two different ways to start MediaTomb, which uses two different configs

    The service that starts at boot uses a config found in /etc/(something)
    If you start it manually, it uses the ~/.mediatomb/config.xml

    Be sure you're editing the config you mean to