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JPEG with national letters in file names

  • I have collection of photos in jpeg (or jpg) format with national letters in names. The names of photo files (but ONLY with national letters) does not appears on my Samsung TV. The problem is only with PHOTOS. VIDEO and MUSIC folders and files names are display corectly. I use UTF8 encoding for all filenames in all folders. Any idea whats going on?

    My section of import.js file with images import:

    function addImage(obj)
        var dir = getRootPath(object_root_path, obj.location);

        if (dir.length > 0)
            chain = new Array('Katalogi ze zdjęciami');
            chain = chain.concat(dir);

            addCdsObject(obj, createContainerChain(chain));

    And section in config.xml:

    <map from="JPG" to="image/jpeg" />
            <map from="JPEG" to="image/jpeg" />
            <map from="png" to="image/png" />
            <map from="svg" to="image/svg" />
            <map from="gif" to="image/gif" />