Transcoding JPG to Lower Resolution


  • Anonymous

    If i don't transcode the images everything works ok. Thumbnails are fast, images looks ok but slow.

    When I transcode to a lower resolution,

    Problem 1:
    I can see the thumbnails, but are painfully slow. (I guest the full images is being sent, and not the thumbnail)

    Problem 2:
    I can't see the full image. My TV (an LG 42LE5500) says that is an invalid image.

    I followed the advice in but with no luck. If I use the mimetype jpeg-small the transcoder is not called. If i use just jpeg, it happends what i describe early. Also if I add the resolution tag, the transcoder is never called.

    Does anybody have a idea? It would be mucho appreciated.
    Thanks, and  sorry about my english.