Transcoding to MP4 container

  • Paul_R


    Has any got transcoding to the .mp4 container format to work ?

    As far as I can tell, it seems that .mp4 needs to be seekable, so that transcoding on the fly with mediatomb won't work.

    I can see my ffmpeg or vlc transcodiong startup, but I get no video or audio out.

    If I run  test commands on the linux box, ffmpeg reports that it can't write the output header (as the destination is a fifo), vlc gives a similar problem. I tried using the trick of sending ffmpeg to an intermediate file and using tail to send the intermediate file to the media tomb fifo, but that also does not work.

    I know the encoder settings are correct as I can transcode the whole file with same settings & play the transcoded file back fine.

    Does anyone have any ideas ?

    I'm running mediatomb on Suse Linix 11.4

    Many Thanks


  • Man, I have the same problem. Did you resolve your problem? How do you do that?