Only one track played via webradio??


  • Anonymous

    Hi there,
    I've been using Mediatomb for quite a while now, but yesterday I got an almost new web radio (VR Radio PX-8585 by Pearl) which I want to use with Mediatomb. The device connects to the server and lists all directories but when I start a track in a directory (regardless of being started from physical layout or logical layout) the radio only plays the last file in the directory and stops afterwards.
    The files are regular mp3s and I tried to set up a simple UPnP server on windows and it worked with it.
    My first clue was that something was wrong with some optional settings in the config.xml but nothing I tried worked so far. So my second clue is that there is something wrong with the mime types but I'm not familiar with the way Mediatomb handles file types. So please help me out here…
    I'm using version 0.12.1-0 on Ubuntu Oneiric. If you need any further information please tell me.

    Thanks for your help!