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Can't play AVI Files

  • OK Mediatomb is working for mp3, pictures (jpg) and for mpg files. But it doesn't work for any avi File I have. The Player allways say "unknown file". It is possible to play these Files with the receiver (tested with twonky). At the moment the Filetypes are set to video/x-msvideo. Is there any other Option I could try ?


    • I just heard if you put the avi file on a webserver and add a http item than it is playable with the tg-100 and mediatomb.

      Any Idea where to tweak the items ?


    • Jin


      so you mean - when adding .avi files in a "normal" way they are unplayable on your device?

      would be interesting to see the difference between how Mediatomb and Twonky offer them (since you are saying that it works on Twonky).

      If you put files on a webserver you can add the links to the files via the Mediatomb web UI (simply add an External URL item and set the mimetype correctly).

      by the way, which mimetype does Twonky choose when offering .AVI files for your device?

      You can use ethereal to capture the communication.


      • Hi Jin,

        yesterday evening I captured the communication between the tg100 and the cybevision server (the one offered by telegent). We have the same problem with almost all mediaservers under linux. I know you are German speaking so maybe you want to look at this german thread: http://www.vdr-portal.de/board/thread.php?threadid=52327

        and here are the reults uf a working capture :

        GET /web/D:%5Cvideo%5Cfoobaa..avi HTTP/1.1
        User-Agent: dma/1.0 (http://www.cybertan.com.tw/)
        getcontentFeatures.dlna.org: 1

        HTTP/1.0 200 OK
        Server: CyberTAN / CyberMediaServer
        Accept-Range: bytes
        Content-Length: 534788096
        Content-Range: 0-534788096/534788096
        Content-Type: video/x-ms-avi

        when I change the mimetype to x-ms-avi the file is recognized as avi in the devices (flaged as V and not grey like unknown files) but it isn't playable.

        but the good news are we were able to play a streamed mpeg2 from a vdr box by remuxing and recompressing only the audio part with mediatomb.


    • Jin

      I took a glimpse at the thread, well, it's huge :)
      Unfortunately I know too little about the TG100 box and VDR. I downloaded the TG100 firmware sources but could not find any UPnP code there - that would be the easiest way to figure out what it can play and what it is looking for.

      Could you please make me the following ethereal logs:
      1. Cybervision Server: browse to your AVI and start playback. Stop logging once AVI started playing.

      2. MediaTomb Server: browse to your AVI and start playback. Stop logging once you get the error message on your client.

      3. If I am not mistaken, playback works if you use an External URL item on MediaTomb and put the .AVI on an Apache server? Please make one more log with this configuration, stop logging once AVI started playing.

      Send the logs to jin at mediatomb dot org, I might figure out the differences and make a patch for you. We are planning to release a new version before the 19th of August, if we figure out what is needed for your TG100 client we may already include that functionality in the new MediaTomb release.

      You may also want to take a look at http://www.videolan.org/ as far as I remember they offer some possibilities to stream videos over the LAN network. I am not sure, but maybe they support some transcoding as well, you have to check their page. You could also point MediaTomb links to those streams. Just an idea, depends on what their software is capable of, you will have to check for yourself :)