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Adding Year-Month for photos


  • Anonymous

    is it possible to get photos organised by year and month of the date contained in the file? There is plenty of individual folders as my sw is saving each day as separate folder.. ie. in some folder there are 2-3 photos only very often. Looking back I§m rather interested the photes for the whole month of last year and find the right one, trather than checking number fo different folders…

    I understand this *could* be handled by the import.js somehow…
    Having no experience with java, did anyone make this already??

  • gamicoulas

    On the addImage() function you need to have something like the following:

      var date = obj.meta[M_DATE];
      if (date) {
        var dateParts = date.split('-');
        if (dateParts.length > 1) {
          var year = dateParts[0];
          var month = dateParts[1];
          chain = new Array('Photos', year, month);
          addCdsObject(obj, createContainerChain(chain), UPNP_CLASS_CONTAINER);
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