inotfiy Bug re-appeared?

  • snoopy

    Hi everybody,

    I noticed this behaviour:
    When I have a directory added as autoscan with inotify method then at every access from a media client the files are re-added to the DB, the ID's change so the media-client deals with the wrong ID and can't play the file.

    Exactly the same behaviour was described in 2008 here:

    The final solution was to tell TagLib to open the files read-only to get AlbumArt, so no inotify event was fired. I wonder if this solution either never made it to mediatomb or if it re-appeared?

    I tested this with adding an empty directory to mediatomb as autoscan with inotify. Then I copied a file with album art to the directory, mediatomb immediatly added it to the database. In the WebFrontend I looked at the ID, refreshed the WebFrontend; the ID remains the same. Then I accessed Mediatomb with a media-client (UPnP Client on an android device). At the moment when I wanted to play the file, android sais, that "the file could not be played" and a look at mediatombs WebFrontend shows a changed ID…

    Any idea?

    Thx a lot in advance!