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Video-import script

  • For those of you who like anime, or perhaps like to name your video files in a similar fashion, I've created a video import script that sorts the videos in a folder structure for the videos. It's not perfect, but it seems to work well enough.

    The file name structure I'm talking about goes like this:

    [Group option 1] Series Name - 01 [Group option 2] [12345678].ext

    A couple of notes:

    * Group names are fully optional
    * Group names with parentheses instead of block-braces are supported too
    * Replaces underscores with spaces for getting the series name
    * CRC and other info behind the series name should be ok
    * "Ep" for indicating an episode number is filtered out
    * "Ordered" directory made for each series, putting the episode number at the front for easy playback
    * VOB files are filtered out
    * All files (regardless of this) are still added to an "All Videos" folder, just in case
    * Checks location for media type, or uses "Media" if not found. Current options:
    ** ova
    ** series
    ** movies
    * Group sorting added

    Modified full script available @

    - SG