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Bugfix: ffmpeg metahandler DATE field incorre

  • Fabian Wenzel
    Fabian Wenzel

    Hi there.  I am using version 0.12.1 (from Brandon Konkle's repository mentioned in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mediatomb/+bug/568275).

    It seems that the Ubuntu version comes with disabled libmp4v2 support by default (which is too bad - I will post this in the right forum).

    This is why I noticed a bug in metadata/ffmpeghandler.cc - the date field needs a month and a day as below:

            if (pFormatCtx->year > 0)
                log_debug("Added metadata year: %d\n", pFormatCtx->year);

    Notice the "-01-01". In the present version, only the year is used and that made the m4a files not being advertised correctly to my Revo Heritage radio, so he refused to play them.

    The fix worked fine - and (even more important) after manually recompiling with libmp4v2 support, I also got the cover art working. A comment on this can be found in my next posting (in order to keep topics clean).