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Redirect audio on other device through UDP

  • Nicolas


    Just a question in order to know if what I want to do is possible.
    Mediatomb is installed on my NAS, I read movies on TV with a multimedia device.

    I own too a wifi audio gateway (azurewave AW GA-200), which is connected on my system audio.
    Usually I use it to listen music from my pc to my system audio.
    A wireshark trace learn me that my pc only open a UDP connection to send audio on this device.

    Do you think it's possible to redirect only audio of my movies when I watch it with mediatomb to my wireless gateway?
    I can install a proxy on my NAS and everything needed.

  • alex sayle
    alex sayle

    there's a few issues,

    1) I don't believe this is a job for MediaTomb, MediaTomb simply indexs and streams out data it doesn't decode thus it is unable to separate the audio from the video

    Thus the redirecting would have to be done via what ever is actually decoding the movie file ( and has access to the audio )

    2) wireless audio devices tend not to know anything about timing or external streams.  What you'll see is lag/out of sync-ness between the movie and the audio.