Perhaps I have my sights set too high..

  • Phil Grimes
    Phil Grimes

    Hello all,

    I just installed MediaTomb tonight and got it running in my lab. Now that it's working, I'm curious about configuration settings and limitations to the filesystem. It seems that a majority (maybe all??) of my server's filesystem is accessible from the app. I am hoping to use this for my kids so I would like only specific directories accessible. Also, I would like to avoid having to run any server applications on the host where I store the media. I would like to be able to point to the media on my storage servers from the application server and stream media to the kids on the end on a windows workstation.

    Is this something MediaTomb can do? If not, is there something out there you might direct me to? The documentation makes it difficult to decipher and I've struggled with it for hours!

    Any insight or input would be appreciated.

  • Jin


    you have several possibilities here.

    - set up persistent autoscan directories via config.xml and disable the UI completely.
    - setup groups and file system permissions, MT will not browse into a directory in the UI if it does not have filesystem access permissions.

    As for storing media on a different system - your only choice is to use nfs/samba to mount the remote drives on the machine where the server is running.