Videodate on PS3 and other improvements/ideas

  • Daniel Haas
    Daniel Haas

    Hi im experimenting with Mediatomb 0.10 and the PS3 using the 1.82 Firmware. So far I have had some successes and am very happy of what Mediatomp offers. Since I want to use mediatomb in combination with MythTV to stream recordings to the PS3 (The UPnP Server in MythTV is not really working in version 20.1) the most important thing is video-support for me. Sadly, i have some problems with video-support:
    * No date is given for the video-file.
       (This looks especially odd since the PS3 draws a "-" under the item-name)
    * No length is given for the video-file
       (Again a "-" under the item-name

    I also tried twonky and it both showed dates and length for all files.

    Now the question is: Am I doing something wrong, or does Mediatomb not transmit a date for a video-item? Would it be difficult to add that? Where should i look at?

    The size is a bigger problem, since you cannot easily get the length of an MPEG2 stream. But I would even have the chance to get the movie-length from the MythTV-Database, but i dont know how i could fed that up into the import script to enhance the metadata of the item. (Despite the fact that there is not a length attribute in the metadata anyway)
    How difficult would it be to add size metadata to mediatomb? (If i would find a way of getting the data from somewhere?)

    It would be really great if we could call additional system-commands from the javascript-import file to gather additional data. Great would be a way of defining commands available in the config.xml which would then be available in the javascript-sandbox to be executed. Something like this in the scripting-tag of the config:

    <script-extension functionname="getOtherMetaData" command="/usr/local/bin/get_other_meta_data"/>

    A function getOtherMetaData() would then be available inside the javascript-jail. The filename would have to be passed to it, and the output of the script would be returned as a string. That would be very great way of extending the import/chain generation without having to modify the MediaTomb Core! :-) *dream*

    Answers to my questions / suggestions would be very much appreciated!

    • Jin


      sorry can't answer your post in detail right now, I am currently on holidays with a very limited internet access. You may try to enable libextractor, also look at the auxtag options in config.xml We also received an ffmpeg patch that gathers metadata from video files, I will integrate it when I return from holidays.

      Basically adding date to video files is not the problem - the main difficulty is to actually get the metadata from a video file (it's usually not as easy as with ID3 tags :)

      I'll come back to you when I return (in about a week).


    • M Blox
      M Blox

      Any word on this??  I realize this thread is over a year old, but I still am not seeing meta data for video files.

    • Jin

      If you compile with ffmpeg support and if the video file does have a date attribute set, then it should work. AVI and some other formats support a limited number of tags, but usually no one cares to write this information into the video files, so most don't have anything useful in them.

      Another suggestion which I am going to implement is, to use the filesystem date of the file.