Add track number before title not working

  • Rainer M. Krug
    Rainer M. Krug


    As mentioned in the import.js file, I uncommented the lines and commented the following line out:

    // uncomment this if you want to have track numbers in front of the title
    // in album view

    // begin
    var track = obj.meta[M_TRACKNUMBER];
    if (!track)
    track = '';
    if (track.length == 1)
    track = '0' + track;
    track = track + ' ';
    // end
    // comment the following line out if you uncomment the stuff above :)
    // var track = '';

    Then I removed all Audio tracks and restarted Mediatomb, but no tracks are added - I even added track='TEST'; in the if statement to see if they are in the tags, but still no "TEST" or track number in front of the track name (checked in Freebox Revoluto=ion player and in three different iPod player).

    Am I missing something here? What is it?