Access Mediatomb From Internet - FLV

  • russell bob
    russell bob

    Is it possible to access mediatomb from the internet so I can play my media files when away from the house? My home network is based around a Thompson Speedtouch 585v6. This is a wireless/wired router and ADSL modem.  I know how to set this up to access my server from an external source so that part should not be a problem.

    Would it be better to transcode on the fly to FLV video like that use in YouTube etc to reduce the bandwidth due to the limitations of an ADSL line (I currently get 900kbps upload max).  I would be looking to steam video at a rate of 300-600kbps and I think FLV would be able to achieve this unless others can be suggested?

    As I don't always want to transcode everthing to a bit rate of 300-600kbps e.g. playing content when at home on the PS3 I want full rate, is it possible to configure MediaTomb to only transcode to this rate when the request is made from an external address i.e. not from a address?  Or can I run a second instance of mediatomb on a separate port that runs this configuration?



    • Jin

      No, this is not possible. Also, transcoding is not being done for links in the UI, it is only being done for UPnP requests.

      UPnP can only work within a LAN (that's the spec), so that will not work via internet either.

      Basically... you want something different, but probably not UPnP.

      You could try VPN (as I suggested in the other post), but this will not help you with transcoding, since transcoding is a global setting.

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