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I retrieved MediaInfo from AppStore to analyze some of my demuxed MXF contents. So, there are several elementary audio streams that I saved as WAV and as AES simultaneously. The WAV files are recognized as WAV:RF64 by MediaInfo. The same streams saved as AES should also be 1 channel per track and therefore AES3, but MediaInfo does only show the size of the file. Even if I rename the extension from .aes to .aes3 there is no change.

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  • Without any container header (e.g. WAV), raw AES3/PCM streams are not detectable (there is no way to detect the format : it is PCM samples, random).
    If there is compressed auddio (SMPTE ST 337), it is possible to detect the SMPTE ST 337 header, else there is not "magic value" for detection.

    Does any software open this file without "forcing" the format?

  • Konran

    No, I didn't find any software to open this file directly. The file results from demuxing MXF via MXFTk Cpp OEM SDK by OpenCube. When I add this file to mux a new MXF file it is detected as valid AES3 file and I can demux again and let the SDK convert it to WAV which results in WAV:RF64.

    I thought it would be easier to read AES than you stated, because the MediaInfo overview has AES3 on the supported audio list.

  • I thought it would be easier to read AES than you stated, because the MediaInfo overview has AES3 on the supported audio list.

    It is supported, when this is doable. I detect AES3 in any container (WAV, MXF, MPEG-TS, MPEG-PS, MOV...), especially AES3 compressed (Dolby E...). Raw AES3 is rarely in use.

    Ho... I have another idea: maybe AES3 specific bits (VUCP) are present, it is sometimes the case (it depends of your MXF wrapping method, sometimes VUCP are included in the stream, sometimes not), and in that case, I don't detect it (yet). Is it possible to have the corresponding MXF file? what is the "Format_Settings_Wrapping value ("Frame (BWF)", "Frame (AES)" or "Frame (D-10)")?

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  • Konran

    When I drag the corresponding MXF file to MediaInfo it shows (besides the video track) 8 PCM audio tracks, 20.0 s, Little Endian, 1152 kbps, 1 chnl, 48 kHz, 24 bits and Frame (AES).

    I can give you the MXF tomorrow if you need it and if you treat it as internal (no publishing), but it is 152 MB of size ... so I don't know how to deal with sending it.

  • "Frame (AES)" is, despite the name, only raw PCM data, without any AES3 bits.
    I try to open your file with theses settings, but there is only white noise. I imagine there is some transformation somewhere, maybe a transformation from raw PCM to AES3, but I am still a bit surprised, because AES3 is only stereo (no mono).

    Your outputed file is definitely not classic, I imagine very few people use such intermediate file format (I met lot of professionals, and AES3 streams are always in WAV or MXF) and it is not a format currently supported by MediaInfo.

    I am interested in knowing more about this file, please upload the source file, the exported WAV file, and the AES3 file. I send FTP credentials in private. Files can be under NDA, no problems.

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