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Bug: MI does NOT show existing audio track information

  • Thomas

    I converted an existing .mp4 video to .avi and re-encoded it with ffmpeg + lamemp3.
    I can view (and listen to it) it in videoplayers as VLC or PotPlayer.
    However when I want to inspect the used codecs with MI (under 64bit Win7) then NO audio codec info is shown. See this snapshot:

    When I use other Codec Info tools like the older GSpot I got the following info Sansphot:

    So audio track does clearly exist but is not shown in MI.
    This is a bug. Could you fix it in the next release?

    Thank you

  • Please open a "bug" ticket.
    I'll need a sample file. I can provide a private FTP server access if yo uneed one for uplaoding.