Explorer Status bar information on Windows 8 x64

  • shmizan

    I have switched to Windows 8 Pro 64-bit, and have taken my beloved MediaInfo with me.
    however, I can't find the option to show Media information inside the Explorer status bar, like I used to on Windows 7 64-bit.
    is this a known issue? or should I enable some setting?
    thanks. :)

  • my beloved MediaInfo


    For the issue: I use MediaInfo 0.7.61 with Windows 8 pro and I have the "infotip". I have nothing in the "status bar" in either Windows 7 or Windows 8. So I don't really understand the issue you have with Windows 8.

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  • shmizan

    truly sorry for the long time it took me to reply.
    I had to recover the Windows 7 image to grab screenshots.
    here it is:

    at first, because of your comment, I thought I might have remembered it wrong, but I didn't :)

  • Actually, I don't know how you get this behavior.
    The expected behavior, for both Win7 and Win8, is the one you can see in hte attached screenshot (both Win7 and Win8 are 64-bit)

  • shmizan

    haha, awesome!
    well I get the tooltips too, no problem (actually a little problem as I first have to show a tooltip of a different file or it will not show the mkv details).
    the status bar information was an addition.
    and it was awesome. just clicking at a file generates the most needed information at the status bar.
    would you like me to pull some registery keys so you could see how\why this is happening?
    it might be a feature you'd like to add :D