Remember Screen Size/Position

  • starkline

    I know this has been posted on the forum and feature requests, but in my searching it seems like it has been some time since it was last mentioned. Apologies if this is in bad form, but this is a feature I would love to see, and have been waiting for it for a long time. I didn't see the harm in reiterating it.

  • You have the same reply ;-)
    (I am not personally interested, still no one ready to pay for it, still a lot of paid requests to implement, so it is still in the "for free" ToDo-list, in low priority on my side, but anyone is welcome to send a patch, this is open-source software)

  • " Apologies if this is in bad form"
    This is not a bad form, I understand that people would like it. So when I have free time, this will be the first feature I'll implement due to the count of requests :).

  • starkline


  • AEN

    Ja … publishing freeware is a tough (unrewarding?) "business".
    I use AutoHotkey (for all kinds of things on my XP laptops) and
    wrote some script to manage the MIgui -
    including to position the MIgui when it opens …

  • Miles Ahead
    Miles Ahead

    The AHK program WinSize2 is free and has lots of features. It's just that my other apps are well-behaved. It's overkill to run a window control program just for one app. But for those who don't program it may be a good work-around. I do AHK also. It's trivial to write a script for us. But for Joe user it's a bit more frustrating.  So all the Joe Users out there give WinSize2 a shot. It's a no-brainer. Click on the window you want to control, size and position it, then hit the hotkey that saves the info. It's automatic from there on.