#751 Mediainfo shows broken Menu entries for matroska files with editions


Medianinfo shows something like these:

Menu #1
00:00:00.000 : en:

Menu #2
00:00:00.000 : en: / en:
01:26:17.212 : en:

and these:

Menu #1

Menu #2

The former is broken, the latter is just doesn't show anything useful.

It should be something like what mkvmerge shows on the chapters tab. (See attachment)

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  • First one (: from my point of view, it is the expected result: 2 chapters starts at the same time. Or maybe I misunderstood the edition lists from Matroska, to be honest it was quivkly implemented. Do you mean Edition 2 should be something like replay the first 5 minutes? In that case, MediaInfo is not conform, definitely.

    Second one: weird, not logic.

    Please provide the 2 files, I'll check.

  • avada

    Ah, hell... My long post was swallowed....


    First I'd like to say that showing where the editions differ or which segments they're made of is valuable information in my opinion. Especially for an info tool.
    One could quickly determine where to check wheter the file is played properly. Or just check out which parts are different without watching the movie twice.

    The first one has an alternate ending. The 5 minute stuff seems like the time skipped. (Not sure why it's there or if it's valid, but the LAV-filters SVN build seems to handle it correctly)
    So the the two editions are the same length, but the ending differs. Showing only that there are two editions of equal length doesn't provide much information.

    The second file has two editions, 1:40:30 and 1:42:54 in length. It seems like that in the first edition the timecodes are specified for which parts to play. It's the theatrical cut so the parts missing are the content from the extended cut.
    This too has an alternate ending, that's why the large-ish gap at the end, because the theatrical ending is the last segment of the file. I think it's made this way so that if a player that doesn't support editions, the extended edition with the alternate ending would play properly, and after that the original ending would play if the user doesn't stop the playback.

    I think the best way to show the editions is to show the edition number, the length of the edition and then the segments' timecodes.

  • avada

    I can't provide the files because they're 8+ GB-s in size. But maybe the mkvinfo data is some value:

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  • ok, I see now: I am totaly wrong in the meaning of the chapters. My implementation is ok only if there is no gap between each chapter.

    I checked the "2in1" Memento in Matroska format (Memento has two orders: the theatrical version, with past and future mixed, and the version with a normal time line), and I completely fail it. I will work on this file.

    So I think I can survive without file.

  • First I'd like to say that showing where the editions differ or which segments they're made of is valuable information in my opinion. Especially for an info tool.

    This is another issue (it is a feature request). Please open a dedicated ticket, focused on segment position. Please do also a proposal on how to display so many information, because currently I see no easy way to display all information.

  • Accepted.
    Warning: non-paid requests are set to low priority, I don't know when I have time to handle it.
    If you desire to accelerate the development, don't hesitate to contact me for a quotation.

  • avada

    @Jerome Martinez

    Okay. Cool. Well, I'll just wait and see what you come up with, when you get to this bug, before recommending anything.

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