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High grade audio formats as 24 bits/ 192000 Hz sampling rates capable

The build 204 added support of 24/192 audio formats for APE, FLAC and Wavpack. The build includes also new version of jFLAC which is currently maintained as JustFLAC project at GitHub. MediaChest is the first program introduced FLAC 24/192 support in Java.

Posted by Д Рогаткин 2013-06-11

MediaChest supports all popular lossless audio formats

The latest release 2.1 is capable to play such formats as
Apple lossless
Wavpack files are supported in iso container as well.

Posted by Д Рогаткин 2013-03-01

MediaUtil 1.0 released

MediaUtil is 100% Java Jpeg/Exif lossless image transformation library. It allows doing different types rotations and transformations, and cropping. Another function of the library is extraction and modifying exif header including exif thumbnail transformation. Rotation of an image can happen automatically based on exif orientation flag. This library can be used for building different type of photo album applications or any other of image manipulation application where important to have Java library capable to work with internal Jpeg/Exif formats.

Posted by Д Рогаткин 2005-10-02

MediaChest is growing

I proud to announce that lossless Jpeg transformation with Exif show/edit is now a separate project, which first release expecting in September.

Posted by Д Рогаткин 2005-08-13

Web Start based run

All versions starting from build 133 distributed using Web Start. Only sources distributed in usual download way.

Posted by Д Рогаткин 2005-07-02

Album artwork for iPod photo

The latest build gets supported album artwork for iPod photo. Since I do not have iPod photo, some bugs can be there, welcome to report about them.

Posted by Д Рогаткин 2005-04-16

Visit home page for downloads

All the latest downloads and info are available on home page.

Posted by Д Рогаткин 2003-08-13

iPod support

MediaChest can upload music to iPod.

Posted by Д Рогаткин 2003-08-13