Write permissions


  • Anonymous

    Having problems installing additional preset types.
    Error reads:
    Failed to create 'Presets' folder.
    You don't have permission to save the file "Media converter" in the folder "Application support"

    OS X 10.7.3 Intel Core 2 Duo


  • Anonymous

    I am having the same problem, did you ever find a solution?

  • It is because the folder do not exist and/or is not owned by you.
    Use the Terminal application:
    1) Move to right folder:

    cd /Library/Application\ Support/

    2) As a administrator (sudo) change owner for the folder you are creating. Insted of XXX use your username (if you do not know it, use the command


    ). Pipe the command ( with | ) to mkdir to create the folder:

    sudo chown XXX Media\ Converter | mkdir Media\ Converter

    You will have to enter your password when asked.
    Good luck!

  • Dave Vinall
    Dave Vinall

    I had the same problem, but didn't have to go into terminal

    I went to Macintosh HD>Library>Application Support  - and selected the Application Support folder, right-clicked and chose "Get Info"

    At the bottom of that window is a drop down arrow that says "Sharing & Permissions".  I clicked that open, clicked on the locked padlock, put in my computer's admin password (the one you use when you instal programs) and then changed admin's permission to "Read & Write"


    If someone knows more about Macs and this sort of stuff, I'd appreciate if you could tell me if I've done something stupid!