#25 Multiple ST Client Priority


When using gaim meanwhile plugin alongside
Sametime functionality embedded in Notes (or the
Sametime Connect client) features such as Psychic do
not work because the other client connections appear to
take precedence. It should be possible to give the
meanwhile plugin the ability to set the connection
precedence so that it is either the primary client to
handle incoming connections or not. When using the
Sametime toolkits I believe that these always take
precedence but since this is not the case with
meanwhile I am not sure how it would be achieved.


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    It's not currently implemented in Meanwhile, and I'm not
    sure where to look in the protocol for something to indicate

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    ok, annoying problem has surfaced.

    There's not meant to be a priority indicator for a given
    session. However, it seems that the client type identifier
    is used (possibly inadvertantly) for just this purpose on
    some versions of the Sametime server. It appears that
    priority is given to the session with the lowest client ID.

    Meanwhile identifies itself with a default value of 0x1700.
    The generic Lotus Sametime Toolkit identifies itself as
    0x1200. Between those two numbers are identifiers for other
    clients (and sometimes different numbers between different
    versions of the same client). These numbers are used by the
    sametime server to figure out what client you're using, and
    shouldn't be changing.

    So there's a single number used for two conflicting purposes!



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