Commit [3f8861] Maximize Restore History

Merge branch 'master' into yarek_master

* master: (88 commits)
FIX: add pytest ini file to manifest
NEW: be compatible with shogun 1.0. Drop support for older releases.
FIX: fix handling of MDP_DISABLE_SHOGUN variable
Fix KeyError with NSDEBUG=1
DOC: make it a bit easier to see that you can use pp on debian too
FIX: remove (now) useless duplicated test in bimdp
FIX: windows does not allow me to remove a file
FIX: no with statement in tests {flow,node}.save
NEW: allow for pretty printing of mdp.config.
ERF: also add mdp.__version__ in
FIX: remove forgotten print statement
NEW: add tempfile test to help diagnose win7 problems
FIX: make py.test.__version__ check more robust
Add mdp.__revision__ to output
NEW: append + to mdp.__revision__ in modified repo
FIX: half of an assert message was lost
ERF: use py.test 2 ini-file configuration.
FIX: check if we have ENOENT in TemporaryDir.__del__
FIX: stop complaining if dir is gone already in TemporaryDirectory
ERF: get rid of the pp monkey patch dirs the hard way.

Tiziano Zito Tiziano Zito 2011-10-14