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1.0-beta2 released

1.0-beta2 is released for general testing! Contains important bug fixes!

Posted by Ivan Voras 2011-09-30

A performance milestone: 200,000 trans/s

With the recent developments and with an updated, asynchronous benchmark client, performance of mdcached is marked at upwards of 210,000 transactions/s (a single, multi-threaded daemon on a 2x4-core 1.86 GHz Xeon), using unix local domain sockets. Real-life performance is expected to be around twice as much since the benchmark program is stealing CPU ticks from the daemon.

Posted by Ivan Voras 2008-04-21

Restarting development

I've got a new idea for mdcached so I'm resuming development on it (actually I'll restart it from scratch).

Posted by Ivan Voras 2007-06-05