MDB doesn't find tables


  • Anonymous

    Gmdb2 can succesfully open my .mdb -file,
    and on file properties tab it says:
    JET version : 4
    Number of pages : 75
    Number of Objects : 20

    Still, at Tables - tab it shows nothing,
    and all the other tabs are empty as well, only the Macros tab has "MSysDb".

    I know this .mdb has tables in it, as my friend opened it windows, with Open Office Base,
    and he could browse all the tables with no problems. But same file in my Ubuntu-machine with MDBTools gives me absolutely nothing.

    am I just missing something very basic, or is there an another way around?

    I'm using:

    gmdb2 0.6pre1
    ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx

    thank you in advance,