#3 vista/window7 support


Vista/Window7 support, reparse handling.


  • Guus Bonnema
    Guus Bonnema

    Using Windows 7, when I maximize the window, what I get is the window vertically maximized, horizontally not maximized, and the MC part in the window the same as not being maximized.

    The goal of maximizing the window is to get a better overview and make long file names readable. So instead of seeing "long-File~reen" I would see "long-Filename-that-doesnt-fit-on-the-screen".

    However, the MC screen doesnt change.

    I am not sure what the issue is here (MS W, the linux compatibility layer, or some configuration option I need to adjust), but I would really like to be able to maximize the mc screen, just like under xterm or any other terminal window.

  • adamy

    The mcwin32 interface is limited by the current win32 console implementation,
    which has limited minize/maximize functionality.

  • Master-Of-Time

    Please let me know how it can be that maximize only works with vertical resize and not with horizontal resize?

    My installed version of MC for Windows runs on Win8: 4.8.11

    I'd like to stick to MC, but for testing and comparing, I also installed double commander, also available at sourceforge, version 0.5.9 beta, in which vertical and horizontal resize is possible without any problems.

    Perhaps you take a look at their source code.

    I for myself think it's just a small error somewhere in the MC source code, perhaps the error was accidentally induced into the source code due to some input error on your behalf.

    I am unable to make a new version of mcwin myself so I will have to wait for an update you make in the hopefully near future.