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#17 page tracking

Jonas Eklöf

I was missing functionality that enabled the reading to keep track of which page each comic in currently on.
In case more people want this functionality, I am sending it back as a patch.

The patch is created from svn rev 382


Bugs: #73


  • Jonas Eklöf
    Jonas Eklöf


  • Jonas Eklöf
    Jonas Eklöf

    I apologize, it seems that I was unable to attach more than one file, so only the file containing the new functionality got submitted. Here comes the actual diff file as text:

    Index: file_handler.py

    --- file_handler.py (revision 382)
    +++ file_handler.py (working copy)
    @@ -108,6 +108,9 @@
    image_files = []
    current_image_index = 0

    + print 'Getting start_page for %s' %path
    + start_page = self._window.page_tracker.get_last_page(path)
    # Actually open the file(s)/archive passed in path.
    if self.archive_type is not None:
    image_files, current_image_index = \ Index: main.py
    --- main.py (revision 382)
    +++ main.py (working copy)
    @@ -26,6 +26,7 @@
    import thumbbar
    import clipboard
    import pageselect
    +import cw

    class MainWindow(gtk.Window):

    @@ -85,6 +86,8 @@
    self._vscroll = gtk.VScrollbar(self._vadjust)
    self._hscroll = gtk.HScrollbar(self._hadjust)

    + self.page_tracker = cw.PageTracker(self)
    # ----------------------------------------------------------------
    # Setup
    # ----------------------------------------------------------------
    @@ -530,6 +533,7 @@
    """Draw a *new* page correctly (as opposed to redrawing the same
    image with a new size or whatever).
    + self.page_tracker.notify_new_page()
    if not prefs['keep transformation']:
    prefs['rotation'] = 0
    prefs['horizontal flip'] = False

  • Oddegamra


    from what I understand, this basically creates a database of opened files, and stores the last activated page per file. If the file is ever opened again, it will automatically go to said page.

    Maybe there should be a preference item to enable or disable this feature?

    That being said, is there any particular reason why the module is called "cw"?

  • Jonas Eklöf
    Jonas Eklöf

    Yes, this is correct. There should probably be a maximum number of files that are stored in the pickle, too.

    The reason that the module is called cw is that I am in the process of integrating the mcomix reader with a project of mine called "comicweb", basically a comic cloud :-)

    Sofar this is pretty specific to my personal needs, so it seemed silly to include this is the patch. The whole "my personal needs" is the reason that I have not made this configurable in the preferences - you are of course totally right.

  • Alan Horkan
    Alan Horkan

    I would be interested to read more about comicweb

  • Jonas Eklöf
    Jonas Eklöf

    >I would be interested to read more about comicweb
    Sure, think "plex" (http://plexapp.com) for comics. The goal is to, regardless of which device I am on, I should be able to my entire comiclibrary. This is accomplished by having a webinterface that gives the user a choice of either downloading the cbz/cbr file to disk (in case I will be offline, or would prefer using a native comic reader such as mcomix or comiczeal etc) or reading online in a web based reader that I have written.

    Earlier I was only able to track which page I was currently reading, as well as a list of recent comics, if I acceced the comic library through the web reader. Now though, thanks to some changes to mcomix, I am able to keep track of all this if I am reading of my computer as well. I have also integrated a library browser into mcomix, to the user it looks like the usual library browser (ctrl-L), but is actually retrieving all information via http from the comicweb server.

    I hope this gives you more of an idea what I was talking about :)