ChangeLog - MComix 0.91

MComix 0.91 has been released (was labeled 0.90.4 in SVN). This release fixes a bug that previously caused MComix to delete books in the library when "Remove from library" was selected, even though the confirmation dialog explicitly stated that the book would be kept on disk.

In addition, the following changes were made since version 0.90.3:

- Fixed excessive memory consumption due to cached pixmaps not being
properly evicted.

- Fixed certain wait conditions that prevented MComix from exiting
on Win32.

- Fixed "Remove from the library" deleting the actual book instead of
its library thumbnail.

- The "Go to page" dialog now shows thumbnails when they are available,
not only after all thumbnails have been loaded. Additionally,
some usability improvements have been done to the dialog, such as
instantly updating the thumbnail when editing the page box, and setting
focus to the page box when the dialog is opened.

- When passing more than one file to MComix at startup, only those files
will be opened. This differs from the traditional behavior, where
MComix would only consider the first file and open all remaining
files in the same directory.
If the passed files are archives, MComix will only open these archives
when "Automatically open next archive" is enabled. If only a single file
is passed, MComix will keep opening all files in that directory.

- When the first/last file of a directory is open, pressing CTRL and
advancing to the previous/next page (e.g. by pressing CTRL+Space),
files in the previous/next sibling directory will be opened.
Note that this feature is disabled by intent when MComix has been
opened with a list of more than one file.

This feature is also available via CTRL+N/CTRL+P, or the menu bar.

- Speed up thumbnail generation by parallelizing load tasks.
(inspired by David Zaragoza, who originally suggested to use
processes instead of threads)

- Library cover generation is now parallelized as well.

- New option to delay loading of thumbnails. This way, thumbnails will
only be generated when they are actually needed, i.e. the thumbnail
sidebar is open or "Go to page" is used.

- Minor options have been moved into a new tab in the preferences dialog.

- MComix' configuration files are now stored in ~/.config/mcomix instead
of in ~/.local/share/mcomix, as originally intended.

- Added the toolbar show/hide menu to the right-click popup. Previously,
if the menu bar had been disabled using the normal menu, there was no
way to get it back.

- The menu bar can now also be shown/hidden using CTRL+M.
(by Alan Horkan)

- MComix could not switch back to windowed mode when started in fullscreen
mode on Win32.

- The MComix window will no longer close instantly after starting up when
reporting an error due to unsatisfied dependencies on Win32.

- Fixed the settings dialog window no longer opening when it has been
closed with the X icon on the dialog before.

- Fix "Automatically open next archive" with empty archives.

- Fixed magnifiying lens being broken when the page was rotated in any

- Fixed failing when no X session was started.

- Required Python version is now 2.5 or newer.

- Updated Swedish translation. (by Martin Karlsson)

- Updated Russian translation. (by Евгений Лежнин)

Posted by Oddegamra 2011-04-23