Unintall mcomix

  • Emperio

    First I want to thank you for your great job, because I think you are great to continue a project like Comix :)

    I have a question, Have you create a script to uninstall mcomix if we use 'setup. py' to install it. Indeed I want to install the new version of your soft but I don't want to accumulate various files of the various versions of mcomix.

    If you don't create this script, can you indicate me how can I erase mcomix properly.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my English it's not my natural language.

    My System : Linux Mint Cinnamon 64bit

  • Oddegamra


    MComix does, unfortunately, not have an uninstall functionality at this point. I think the distribute developers (a project which MComix uses for its installation routines) plan to include such functionality in distutils2, which appears to be in alpha now.

    For manual uninstallation, you could remove /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mcomix or similar. Some distributions place this directory (site-packages) in another location, though, and I'm not familiar with Mint. If you plan to upgrade MComix, simply run setup.py again. I did not remove any files since around version 0.90, so you will have no left-over files afterwards.

    The best solution for this problem would be a package managed by the distribution, though. From what I know, most major distributions have such a package by now, so maybe Mint has as well.