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--- a/classic-bugs/vol1/epil/test1.cmd
+++ b/classic-bugs/vol1/epil/test1.cmd
@@ -1,17 +1,16 @@
 model in "epil2.bug"
 data in epil-data.R
-data in BT-data.R
 load glm
 compile, nchains(2)
 inits in epil-inits.R
 update 1000
-monitor set alpha0
-monitor set alpha.Base
-monitor set alpha.Trt
-monitor set alpha.BT 
-monitor set alpha.Age 
-monitor set alpha.V4 
-monitor set sigma.b1 
-update 1000
+monitor set alpha0, thin(5)
+monitor set alpha.Base, thin(5)
+monitor set alpha.Trt, thin(5)
+monitor set alpha.BT, thin(5)
+monitor set alpha.Age, thin(5)
+monitor set alpha.V4, thin(5)
+monitor set sigma.b1, thin(5)
+update 5000
 coda *