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diagnosing jags crashes

  • Jack Tanner
    Jack Tanner

    In the last few days, I've been bitten by JAGS crashing, usually taking R down
    with it. The models aren't enormous, and this happens both in 32-bit and
    64-bit R/JAGS. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to reproduce this

    Martyn, is there a way to run JAGS from R in a way that captures a dump or
    other information that would be useful for you for debugging? This is on

  • Tim Handley
    Tim Handley

    The only time I've crashed JAGS/R in Windows was by asking for too much
    memory. This generally had more to do with monitoring many nodes for many
    iterations, rather than the total number of nodes in the model. However, my
    experience is that too-much-memory crashes were reproducible, so that may not
    be what is going on with you. Just out of curiosity, was there any sort of
    error message? What did it say?

  • Jack Tanner
    Jack Tanner

    Nope, no error message, and not an out-of-memory issue. Just a very unhappy R
    process. Useless answer, I know.

  • Martyn Plummer
    Martyn Plummer

    If you send me your programs and data confidentially I will debug it under
    Linux. There are a number of powerful tools that can be used (dbx, valgrind).