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[a1596c] by martyn

Fix logic_error when user tries to set monitor in adaptive mode
Bump version number ready for patch release

2011-08-05 17:05:16 Tree
[9f4985] by martyn

Improved error messages when monitor cannot be created.

2011-07-20 10:31:58 Tree
[977025] by martyn

Allow progress bar in batch mode if user gives "by" option to update or adapt.

2011-07-18 13:53:40 Tree
[d49123] by martyn

Fix for Ekopath 4 STL library

2011-07-05 16:42:53 Tree
[50cf32] by martyn

Modify behaviour of update and adapt

2011-07-05 16:42:33 Tree
[514214] by martyn

Fix special rule for BUGS I(,) construct

2011-07-01 15:43:36 Tree
[ff6f10] by martyn

Change error in information messages relating to adaptation

2011-06-22 22:05:28 Tree
[b6fe9c] by martyn

Changes to progress bar

2011-06-22 16:23:55 Tree
[1afa54] by martyn

More checks of back-compatibility for BUGS-style I(,) notation

2011-06-22 16:23:34 Tree
[1d4040] by martyn

Use pointers for increased efficiency in check_symmetry

2011-06-22 12:27:03 Tree
[7fb9f6] by martyn

Created standard check_symmetry function for symmetric matrices

2011-06-22 10:01:58 Tree
[275614] by martyn

Separate turning off adaptation from checking adaptation.
Allows the user to use sequential runs until adaptation succeeds.

2011-06-11 18:42:58 Tree
[b8644f] by martyn

Patch from aly_st improves random walk metropolis sampler
when we encounter non-finite density.

2011-06-01 14:06:46 Tree
[b66cbf] by martyn

Patch from aly_st gives more informative message when module loading fails.

2011-06-01 14:05:15 Tree
[5fc1ef] by martyn

Suppress progress bar when not in interactive mode

2011-05-29 21:40:46 Tree
[2bc7e2] by martyn

In parser, allow expressions for double without sign in exponent

2011-05-29 16:31:53 Tree
[f3793b] by martyn

Fixes for -Wall -pedantic

2011-05-22 19:31:59 Tree
[4ca430] by martyn

Correct random number generation for pareto distribution

2011-05-22 19:07:57 Tree
[f89e3a] by martyn

Fixed documentation errors

2011-05-21 22:10:43 Tree
[15b8c6] by martyn

Added information message during initialization.

2011-05-21 22:10:28 Tree
[1fe30c] by martyn

Check number of parameters in constructors for Vector- and ArrayStochasticNodes

2011-05-21 22:05:29 Tree
[df9684] by martyn

Fix number of parameters in non-central chi-square distribution

2011-05-21 22:01:15 Tree
[4a57d5] by martyn

Update RScalarDist and sub-classes to use PDFType when calculating
log density.

2011-05-15 07:41:34 Tree
[be12eb] by martyn

Base RNG factory only uses time stamp once, in constructor, to fix seed.

2011-05-13 15:57:16 Tree
[95beab] by martyn

Fixed serious bug in NodeArray::find (It always returned 0 and led to the creation of
spurious aggregate nodes).

2011-05-12 21:58:21 Tree
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