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[cfebd7] (release-3_1_0) by martyn

Bump release date and version number in manuals

2011-08-06 14:46:39 Tree
[977025] by martyn

Allow progress bar in batch mode if user gives "by" option to update or adapt.

2011-07-18 13:53:40 Tree
[dbd854] (release-3_0_0) by martyn

Final changes to manuals for release 3.0.0

2011-07-06 10:52:39 Tree
[c34cf6] by martyn

Updates to user manual

2011-07-05 16:42:00 Tree
[e9b323] by martyn

Updated installation manual

2011-07-05 10:32:51 Tree
[761159] by martyn

Updating manuals for 3.0.0

2011-07-01 16:39:27 Tree
[2aee09] by martyn

Update MKL build instructions

2011-06-30 22:41:28 Tree
[462a67] by martyn

Clarifications to manual

2011-06-22 10:01:09 Tree
[1bd224] by martyn

Documentation corrections

2011-05-22 19:08:21 Tree
[f89e3a] by martyn

Fixed documentation errors

2011-05-21 22:10:43 Tree
[c91aae] by martyn

Add non-central chi-square distribution

2011-04-29 14:05:36 Tree
[eaa697] by martyn

Relabel parameters in user manual (Thanks to Doug Bates)

2011-04-27 20:51:45 Tree
[e5b64b] by martyn

Modify instructions on private installation

2011-04-21 14:21:34 Tree
[01231b] by martyn

Updated build process for Windows

2011-04-10 17:22:55 Tree
[d05cf9] by martyn

Added documentation of logistic distribution and associated d-p-q functions

2011-03-28 20:02:08 Tree
[6a9ddf] by martyn

Corrections to the generalized gamma distribution in manual.

2011-03-27 16:36:23 Tree
[02abdb] by martyn_plummer

Adding aliases to distributions and functions

2011-01-05 07:41:26 Tree
[d164bc] by martyn_plummer

Revert recent changes regarding MKL.

2010-11-21 16:58:22 Tree
[0c090f] by martyn_plummer

Use up-to-date m4 macros for blas and lapack from gnu autoconf archive.

2010-11-19 16:49:53 Tree
[2fbef4] by martyn_plummer

Update instructions for Solaris for Sun Studio >= 12.2

2010-11-12 20:30:49 Tree
[d46227] (release-2_2_0) by martyn_plummer

Update build instructions for Windows

2010-11-07 12:55:39 Tree
[110b87] by martyn_plummer

Bump version number to 2.2.0

2010-10-21 20:14:19 Tree
[55204a] by martyn_plummer

Bump version number to 2.2.0

2010-10-21 20:14:19 Tree
[b1d085] by martyn_plummer

Update to manual : multivariate nodes must be fully defined to be monitored.

2010-10-13 15:02:35 Tree
[72cb37] by martyn_plummer

Removed used of deprecated syntax "inits in" from example.

2010-09-15 08:47:27 Tree
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