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[1e35fc] (6.2 kB) by martyn

Document glm module and removed experimental samplers.
Fixed IWLSFactory so that it works only with fixed effect models.

2011-11-10 17:09:41 View
[5ab117] (6.3 kB) by martyn

Use consistently the new error functions in ModuleError.h instead
of throwing exception.
Revert API change for Sampler::update. This now a void function again
instead of returning a boolean.

2011-04-11 21:36:18 View
[cb50a3] (6.2 kB) by martyn_plummer

Don't throw exceptions from modules

2010-11-10 19:31:06 View
[43ad20] (6.3 kB) by martyn_plummer

Added first cut of Conjugate F sampler to glm module

2010-07-07 12:31:40 View