Crash During Spline (Terrestrial LiDAR)

  • DStaley

    MCC-LiDAR crashes during the first spline operation.  Strange, as it was
    working yesterday. 

    I am trying to test out different scales/thresholds on TLS data containing 15+
    million points.  This IS a tile of a larger dataset already, but will re-
    tile if you think it is necssary.

    Here is the text in the command window:

    f:\Laser\Gap\MCC>mcc-lidar.exe -s .2 -t 0.1 testarea.las mccsp2tp1.las
    Reading 15,397,322 points from 'testarea.las' …
      min X Y : -7.10115 -2.85704
      max X Y : 71.47649 61.96562
    Searching for points with the same x,y coordinates…
      28,799 points classified as non-ground
    Identified 0 sets of unclassified duplicate points
    Scale domain: 1 (cell resolution: 0.1)
    SD 1 - Pass 1
      Interpolating 15,368,523 points:
        Sorting points into regions…
        Computing splines for regions and cell heights for raster

    It crashes at 0% and pops up a window stating: "mcc-lidar  has stopped
    working.  A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. 
    Please close the program."

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.


  • Andrew Hudak
    Andrew Hudak

    Is this the final release version 1.0 of MCC-LIDAR?
    You say it was working yesterday, but on the same tile? Have you been able to
    process other tiles of comparable or larger size?
    Others have had to split large or otherwise problematic tiles, so retiling it
    is a good idea.